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Lucas Fontana age nine with his first coyote. He was able to keep his excitement in check to make a great shot with a 220 swift.

Wed, February 12 at 10:34 AM

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Larry Florence’s 19-pointer

Illinois hunting and fishing

County: Hamilton

Date and Season: Oct. 4, 2009; Bow

Notable: Slow day turns memorable in a hurry.


Chad Foster’s most memorable trip

Illinois hunting and fishing

County: Washington

Date and Season: Oct 1, 2011; Bow

Notable: Most memorable trip in 21 years



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Adam Bunnell

Home: Salem, IL

Occupation: Fourth-grade student

Most memorable outing in Illinois? My Dad took me last year during the youth deer season. It was my first deer hunt. We saw a doe and two fawns in a weed field. We stalked them down through a creek for about 30 minutes. Finally, we when got to the edge of the weed field, they were close enough for me to shoot the button buck. The deer walked towards us and stopped about 10 yards away. When I shot the button buck he ran about 20 yards and dropped. As we were standing there, a big 10-point buck stood up in the weeds, not more than 10 yards from us. We never saw him before. I had a perfect shot at him when he stood up, but could not shoot him because I had already killed the button buck. He stood there looking at us for about 20 seconds then he ran away. My Dad said it was a huge buck and I thought it was too.

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